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The scientific journal (Internet Periodical Issue – IPI) "Medical psychology in Russia" concerning on a wide auditory of medicals, nurses, medical (clinical) psychologists, students, interns and house – surgeons, lecturers from medical academies and medical faculties, students of clinical psychology faculties.

The purpose of the issue – is creation and development of scientific base with the help of which different specialists could discuss actual problems of fundamental and practical aspects of medical psychology in Russia. The practical effect of the work is increasing quality of medical service by using in practical medicine of contemporary scientific investigations and scientific reflection.

The periodicity: 5 issues in the year; the journal issues quarterly; a special monothematic issue publishing at the end of the year (in 2009 it was devoted to actual problems of medical psychology in Russia; in 2010 planning the issue which would devoted to the problem of communication in medicine). The first number of journal was published in 31 of December 2009.

The presence in Internet – is daily. The completion of the work with journal number and issues of the journal are going on according to schedule: 1 – 31 of March, 2 – 30 of June, 3 – 30 of September,
4 – 30 of November, 5 – (special issue) – 30 of December.

The specialization according to the code of scientific speciality is 19.00.04 – "Medical psychology". The Internet periodical issue (IPI) distribution form. In printing form the journal is not distribute.

Access: the free access with the help of Internet. The site of the journal accessed on two addresses http://medpsy.ru  Рё http://медпси.СЂСѓ

From Mass media and Information technologies Federal Service in 11.11.2009 the journal took a registration number Р­Р» Р¤РЎ 77-38100.

The journal has an International standard number for periodical issues (International Standard Serial Number) which was appropriated by International center ISSN (Paris, France).
ISSN 2219-8245
The journal was entering into the International Register ISSN under the titles:
(Key title): Medicinskaâ psihologiâ v Rossii
(Abbreviated key title): Med. psihol. Ross.

The reproduction of materials in other issues without editorial stuff permission is forbidden. Materials, published in the journal may be used in personal non-commercial activity only – scientific, educational etc. On quotation of materials from "Medical psychology in Russia" it is necessary to make reference note on the origin.

The main parts of journal are:

•   The history of medical psychology

•   Methodological problems of medical psychology

•   Medical psychology in psychiatry

•   Actual problems of pathopsychology and neuropsychology

•   Medical psychology and psychotherapy

•   Medical psychology in somatic clinic

•   Applied investigations in medical psychology

•   Social medical psychology

•   Psychology and pedagogics in professional education of medical personnel

•   Discussion club

•   New books

•   Scientific life

•   Lections on medical psychology

•   Centers of medical psychologists education

•   Abstracts of dissertations on the problems of medical psychology


Contacts: info@medpsy.ru

Post address: 150047 Yaroslavl, subscriber box 7

The editorial stuff of the journal "Medical psychology in Russia"


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